Benefits of Water Guava for Beauty Healthy

Benefits of Water Guava for Beauty Healthy
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Water guava fruit that is often much we seen around the yard housing. This plants come from of southeast asia, Therefore this fruit so is encountered in many Asian countries including seasonal fruit. Water guava fruit has excellent color was bright, has sour or sweet taste, and refreshing for the body if you consume it. Also if you make guava juice, you will get both of fresh guava juice and benefits of water guava fruit.

Benefits of Water Guava

Commonly some people are not as aware of how big the content and also the benefits of water guava fruit. because they see themselves only able to eat it then, the this article will explain the benefits of the complete content of the water guava

Benefits of Guava Water For Health and Beauty

Water guava are rich in vitamin C, fiber, Vitamin A, calcium, thiamine, niacin, iron and potassium compound also contains jambosine, betulicinic acid and lactone Friedel.

1. Control Diabetes

The content is the content type of alkoloid jambosine that was show results so is nice to regulate the conversion of starch into sugare. This is a development that so is important for diabetics and people affected in. This can be overcome by jambosine that can control the blood.

2. Smoothness the Digestion

The fiber content is very high was contained in water guava fruit can organize and facilitate digestion eat and eliminate and treat constipation and treat only was this very natural and traditional, and also in part on the seeds to treat diarrhea and dysentery.

3. Cure cancer.

Organic active compounds in guava contains vitamin c and a are known viytamin can kill cancer cells, this vitamin also can prevent cancer effectively. Based on the experts water guava benefits as a drug that can prevent any cancer and can make the process diet.

Benefits of Water Guava for Healthy Heart
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4. Benefits of Water Guava for Healthy Heart

compounds that can combine between the fiber and the water guava nutrition can function as a heart healthy heart. as well as the prevention of heart attack, stroke and coronary heart disease.

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5. Improve Antibodies

The active component in water guava can be utilized as a human immune so is unavoidable darai disease that will attack the body. And also ca protect from infections attact that caused byvarious factors

6. Healthy Skin

The content of vitamin C was very large it can help you reduce premature aging and keep skin cell regeneration and increase the intake of iron for the body to consume waterguava was this very regularly. this is usually a way makes it a salad blends, can be fed directly, make a guava juice and also as other processed.

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Hope this article would be useful to you and is also useful for those who want to know more about the benefits of water guava fruit
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