Benefits of Earthworm

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The benefits of earthworms - For some people, especially women, earthworms may be one kind of disgusting animal, but for farmers earthworm is a friend because he will assist in breaking up the soil so that the soil becomes fertile. But she certainly will soon change his mind if they know the real earthworms also have benefits in the field of beauty. But more than that turned out to earthworms also have tremendous benefits in curing various diseases and to maintain health.

Benefits Earthworm

Earthworm species Lumbricus Rubellus an earthworm who belongs to the group of invertebrate animals or do not have a backbone. Based on the experts, the earthworm has a protein content that is quite high around 76%, even higher levels Compared to the mammalian meat or fish. Some studies have also found many earthworms if it is antibacterial and even able to inhibit the growth of some harmful bacteria such as Salmonella Thyposa, Staphylococus aureus, Shigella Dysenterica and still many more.

Here are some benefits of earthworms that we can be if we consume:

Earthworm Typhoid Disease Drugs

Benefits of Earthworms for typhoid drugs, Maybe earthworms are animals of the most popular among people suffering from typhoid, typhus treatment because it is using earthworms boiled or worm capsule powder has been proven to cure many Thyposa Salmonella bacteria.

Earthworm Drug diarrhea

Earthworms effect of diarrhea On this rainy season especially areas that are often flooded, then it will be very fast diarrheal disease endemic in society. These earthworms and you can use as a traditional medicine to cure diarrhea that hit. This is due to earthworms are their antibacterial against Escherichia coli and shigella bacteria which is the cause of this disease.

Earthworm Drug blood circulation

The benefits of earthworms next is to destroy the bad fats found in the blood vessels. With this ability, indirectly it will launch the circulatory system in your body. so no wonder if earthworms are also often used to treat people affected by hypertension or stroke.

Earthworm Drugs To reduce fever

earthworms drugs to lower fever, Earthworms have antipyretic properties. In earthworm extract nitrogenous bases can be trusted as a medication to reduce fever in certain types of diseases such as typhoid.

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Earthworm Medication For digestion

Earthworm medicine for digestion, In earthworms there are several enzyme, catalase and cellulose that is needed when the body's metabolic processes. Thus indirectly, earthworms can also serve to aid digestion.

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Earthworm Drugs To improve energy

Turin existence of content contained on earthworms, has been shown to increase fat metabolism, which is certainly the metabolism of the fat will be energy.

Earthworm Drugs To accelerate the wound healing

Since earthworms can accelerate the creation of new cells.

Earthworm To solve the problem of beauty

In addition to health problems, it turns out the benefits of earthworms also be used to address various issues of beauty. One is to maintain skin elasticity and to slow the aging process. So it is not surprising that the earthworms are often supplied to cosmetic companies. Even some beauty experts also recommend extract of earthworms to cope with wrinkled skin by using it as a mask for the face.
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