Benefits of uncaria gambir

Benefits of uncaria gambir
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uncaria gambir uses the plant that has biological name "Uncaria Gambir Robx" This is widely used as a traditional plant for treating various kinds of diseases.

Benefits of uncaria gambir

These plants can thrive and propagate the form of branches longer. All parts of the plant has thorns with oval leaves roundish. The tip of each leaf tapered like plant order. Petiole very short, so the plants look very dense Gambir. Plant flowers look very beautiful with flower color pink. Gambir exist inside the fruit with many seeds.

Uncaria Gambir Benefits for Human

Here are the benefits efficacy Gambir plant and some examples of how to cultivate crops to be used as a traditional herbal:

as a remedy

Gambir can stimulate the release of bile that helps smooth the process of metabolism of the stomach and intestines. Another function is as a mixture of drugs, such as burns, migraine headaches, diarrhea, dysentery medicine, gargle mouthwash, mouth ulcer drugs, as well as skin pain medication (massaged)

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As an industrial material

Gambir can be utilized for tanneries, textile dyes and as a glue plywood or particle board.

As the pharmaceutical and food industries

Among these raw materials liver disease drug patents, the raw materials which relieve throat candy for smokers in Japan as Gambir able to neutralize nicotine. While in Singapore Gambir used as raw material for medicine stomachache and toothache

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As a pesticide plant

Gambir can be used as a pesticide plant because it can be used to control the pathogen Fusarium Sp as the cause of leaf spot diseases and for controlling plant klausena F. oxysporium causes wilt disease pepper, and F. oxysporium f.Sp Licopersici causes wilt disease of tomato plants.

Uncaria Gambir Uses To treat a hoarse voice and oral thrush

Brewed piece gambier and 3 pieces of fresh betel leaf in 110 ml of water, use water to rinse 2 times a day (morning and evening) for each time gargle size is 100 ml, do it for one week.

Uncaria Gambir Extract To treat diarrhea
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Uncaria Gambir Extract To treat diarrhea

Gambir and a piece of turmeric, then boil with 110 ml water. Then the material is made of infusion, 1 time a day 100 ml. Duration of treatment is repeated for 3 days.

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"In addition to a variety of benefits above, Gambir is also good for increasing sexual vitality. Way too easy, that just by eating a few hours before intercourse, ".

it is some of the perks uncaria gambir uses that you may not know.
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