6 Papaya Leaf Benefits and Side Effects

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Papaya is a single leaf, large and bercangap (such as the tip of the pole/ stick), has sections full leaf. Papaya leaves is said to have got round, tapered tip, long and hollow shaft. In view of the arrangement of bones leaves, papaya including reinforced leaf like finger. Young leaves are formed in the central part of the plant. If the papaya leaf folded in half, it would appear that papaya leaf-shaped symmetrical.

Young papaya leaves is often consumed as a vegetable food is delicious and nutritious. The bitter taste is not imprison people to make it a daily consumption.

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The content of Papaya Leaf

Papaya leaves contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Vitamin is very good for cardiovascular problems, prevent cancer, as well as an antioxidant against free radicals. In papaya leaves also contained protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, water, and calories. Papaya leaves contain corposide that can serve as an anthelmintic. In papaya leaves are sap (which can also be found on the trunk), which contains the enzyme papain which causes high bitter taste. A protease enzyme papain that can soften the meat and other protein conformational change.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves

Behind the bitter taste, papaya save a lot of properties that are very useful for us. Among others are:

1. Smooth Digestion

Enzin content of papain that cause a bitter taste to the leaves of papaya proved to be helpful in improving digestion in the body. According to the study, boiled papaya leaves can reduce heartburn and can stimulate appetite. The content karpain in papaya act as executor terhadapa parasitic microorganisms in the digestive system. So that the digestive system to get better and we can avoid diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

2. Prevent Dengue Fever and Malaria

In a study showed that papaya leaf juice contains the enzyme papain and chymopapin that can drastically increase platelets. Where for a dengue fever, during the period of this illness will experience a significant decrease in platelets. Encouraged to drink as much as 20-25 ml juice 2 times a day for a week in order to quickly obtain good results.

Papaya leaf juice also proven to contain anti-malarial properties so that, in some malaria-endemic areas is recommended to consume as a precaution.

3. Anti-Cancer

According to the study, papaya leaves has a certain enzyme that has cancer-fighting properties such as liver cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and cervical cancer without toxic effects (toxins) in the body. The enzymes contained in the sap produced by leaves of papaya so basically anything processed are made from papaya leaves will be mixed.

Primarily, these anti-cancer properties get from papaya leaf extract. So that in certain countries recommended as part of chemotherapy. By regulating T cells, extra papaya will boost immunity against cancer.

4. Overcoming Kidney Stones, dysentery, and diarrhea

Papaya leaf decoction can be trusted to cope with kidney stone disease, dysentery, and diarrhea.

For the treatment and how to prevent kidney stones, drink boiled papaya leaves and topped by drinking coconut water. However this is not recommended for those who suffer from kidney stones besides also suffer from high blood pressure.

For patients with dysentery, papaya leaves boiled together with 1 teaspoon coffee powder is then filtered and drunk one cup per day.

As for who develop symptoms of diarrhea, how to solve it simply by boiling the leaves of papaya using coconut water, the leaves have withered is attached to the abdomen.

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Papaya Leaf Benefits to Beauty and Skin Health
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5. Papaya Leaf Benefits to Beauty and Skin Health

High content of foods containing vitamin A and C in papaya leaf juice, can improve skin health. In addition, the presence of karpain compounds that can kill microorganisms and toxins that attack the body makes skin brighter. Papaya leaves can also be used to deal with acne simply by drying the leaves already old, then crushed and added water. Then smeared on the face with acne.

To overcome the black spots on the face, simply by Mashed papaya leaves mixed with a little water and applied to the face as a mask for approximately 15 minutes.

6. Overcoming Dysmenorrhea

For women who often experience pain during menstruation, can take advantage of papaya leaves as an alternative to overcome the pain. How even very easy, which is quite boil 1 papaya leaves along with salt and tamarind and drink while still warm. It is recommended to be consumed while in a menstrual period.

Papaya Leaf Side Effects

Although known to many benefits, but it turns out the use of papaya for treatment remains to be done carefully, because there are some side effects that are mainly produced by the sap of papaya leaves. Here are some of the side effects of papaya:

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Papaya leaves has a toxicity properties

Papaya sap containing many advantages, it also is irritant, vesicant, and dermatogenic against the skin so that for some people who are sensitive, will cause tissue damage and can injure skin components.


Compounds contained in papaya latex can induce gastritis (inflammation of the stomach wall) weight, trigger asthma, rhinitis also.

High vitamin C and gas

Papaya leaves contain high vitamin C and gas which if consumed in large quantities, will be the cause of bloating and fullness.

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For pregnant women

consumption of papaya should be limited and considered properly because the enzyme papain contained in it can transform the protein into amino acids. In addition, it leaves a bitter not recommended for pregnancy because it can make the fetus fall due to cold produced. Bitter foods thought to have the same effect as herbal medicine. So as much as possible cultivate papaya leaves as possible until the bitterness is gone.

Tips Eliminate Papaya Leaf Bitter Taste

Many people reject Benefits of Papaya Leaves because of papaya leaves bitter taste incredible. In fact, with the correct processing the bitter taste that can be removed and papaya treats can be enjoyed. The easiest way to remove the bitter taste of papaya leaves is before processing, papaya leaves boiled first with salt until soft, then rinsed again with lukewarm water.

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