Sweet Benefits of Longan Fruit

Benefits of Longan Fruit
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Longan fruit is fresh fruit that is very liked by the public. Longan fruit has a sweet and fleshy thick like jelly. This fruit comes from Asia such as Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Longan fresh fruit is often used as a juice, or often used as an additional ingredient fresh beverage maker. Longan fruit has a whole range of benefits for the body, because the fruit contains a lot of nutrients needed by the body.

Longan benefits

Benefits of longan fruit for your health can be obtained for their nutrient content in longan. Among which the content of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, manganese, iron, fofor, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and there are also other compounds such as phytochemicals and other compounds that are good for health.
Here are the benefits of longan fruit is what you get:


Longan fruit can overcome nerve problems, because the content in these fruits can give effect to relax the nervous system. It also keep the stamina to fatigue during activity.

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Healing the wounds

Longan fruit other benefits that can help wounds heal quickly. The content of polyphenols contained in fruit longan can help ward off attacks free radicals in the body, and can prevent cell damage in the body. So the body will be protected from the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Help work of the heart and spleen

Eating longan fruit can help reduce stress and fatigue, which affects the heart and spleen. In this case the benefits of longan fruit that is no less important is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Blood circulation

Other benefits longan fruit can prevent anemia, because the fruit longan can control the levels of iron in the body.

Longan Fruit Help the diet
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Longan Fruit Help the diet

Levels of fat and calories can help for someone who is running a diet program. By eating half a bowl of fruit longan, only 35 calories. Besides longan fruit is one of the fruits that contain complex carbohydrates, in this case the benefits of longan fruit is able to supply energy and stamina.

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Body endurance

The content of vitamin C in longan fruit can increase endurance and also protect the body against disease, caused by bacteria or viruses.

Contains anti-aging

Because of longan fruit has anti-aging, the benefits of longan fruit can easily prevent skin wrinkles, minimize damage and also exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Anti-inflammatory and fever reducer

Longan leaves on trees can be used as anti-inflammatory drugs and fever reducer.

Efficacy for hair

Longan fruit seeds can be used for hair care, because longan fruit seeds have saponins which can be used as a basic ingredient of shampoo can make hair to be beautiful

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