Leaves of Mango as Medicine

Leaves of Mango as Medicine
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Leaves of Mango as Medicine - Still a few people who know when the leaves of the fruit also provides benefits for health. One of them is the mango leaves arguably less popular than his own.

controlling diabetes

Treating diabetes with tender leaves of mango is an effective home remedy. Anti-diabetic properties of mango leaves helps to control blood sugar levels.

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Help treat asthma

Mango leaves also believed to help treat asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Therefore, mango leaves are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for the same purpose.

preventing infection

Mango leaves have anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, taking leaves of mango can help combat indigestion, and even tumors.

Preventing virus infection

When fermented, fresh mango leaves are rich in antioxidants that provide many health benefits. For example, mango leaves that have been fermented can prevent herpes virus infection and help healing faster.
Reducing throat infection and hiccups
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Reducing throat infection and hiccups

Hiccups can certainly be a very uncomfortable condition. You can overcome the hiccups by eating mango leaves. In addition, the mango leaves also can relieve throat infection.

How to use Leaves of Mango as Medicine:

Choose tender mango leaves and boil them in a pot of water, strain and drink the potion. Additionally, you can also dry the mango leaves in the sunshine of a grind it into a powder. Add one scoop of mango leaf powder into a glass of water, stir and drink. In fact, you can chew raw mango leaves, but do not forget to wash it first.
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