Efficacy, Ingredients and Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for Health

Efficacy, Ingredients and Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for Health
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Efficacy, Ingredients and Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for Health - Fruit known as the oriental persimmon (UK) and shi (China) has a nutrient content is not less great from apples. Even for the content of certain substances, persimmon is greater than apple. For example, the fiber content of a substance contained in a persimmon turns two times more than that in an apple.

Persimmon fruit often called a flirt because like powdered fruit, the persimmon fruit skin plastered white powder. In addition, because it looks like an apple, persimmon earning the nickname "the apple of Java". Beneath it all, benefits of persimmon is one from many natural alternatives to getting the body healthy and fit.

Nutrition content in Persimmon.

Some of compounds in persimmon, namely:

  • 19.6% carbohydrates, mainly fructose and glucose,
  • 0.7% protein, vitamin A and potassium.
  • Persimmon is also rich in lycopene which function as antioxidants preventing cancer,
  • Phytochemicals lutein, beta-carotene and fiber.
  • The content of polyphenols in the persimmon can lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease.
While the persimmon fiber can bind carcinogens and removing it from the gastrointestinal tractSubstance tannins (called tannin-foot) contained in a young persimmon causing astringent taste. Tannins substances will be reduced in line with the cooked fruit.

Because of this Substance-foot tannin Benefits of Persimmon fruit is used to cure a variety of crafts, helping the production of wine-rice in Japan, as well as the material treatment of hypertension.

Whereas other substances contained in the persimmon fruit is believed to be a cure various diseases such as asthma, coughing, and stomachache.

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Efficacy and Health Benefits of Fruit Persimmon

Here are some benefits of persimmon that so good for health, namely:

  • Prevent hardening of the arteries
  • Keeping blood pressure that does not pass through the normal threshold preventing cancer
  • Inhibits the aging process
  • Take Good care of flexibility of blood vessels and the stable blood pressure is the key to maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Healthy lungs
  • strengthen the spleen
  • Keep the body slim

Fiber substance contained in a persimmon amounting to two times more than that contained in an apple. Of course, persimmon is very well consumed by those who want to lose some weight. And again the Vitamin and mineral content in persimmon, higher than apple.

Herbal Recipe Medicine from Persimmon Fruit
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Herbal Recipe Medicine from Persimmon Fruit

The other benefits of persimmon for health are can be use as herbal medicine to cure several diseases, among others:

1.    Hypertension Disease

Make persimmon juice by adding warm water. Drink once a day.

2.    Asthma and cough with phlegm

Take two pieces of dried persimmons, add a little water and steam until cooked. Once cooked, puree and add one or two tablespoons of honey.

3.    Abdominal pain

Peel one fresh persimmon fruit, then eat. Consuming fresh persimmon fruit is believed to relieve abdominal pain a pain or burning sensation in the stomach.

4.    Diarrhea and dysentery 

Prepare two pieces of dried persimmons. Boil until the mixture becomes sticky rice porridge with sliced oranges and as much as two pieces. Once well blended, remove from heat and ready for consumption by patients two to three times a day.
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