Woohoo Great The Benefits of Basil Leaves

Woohoo Great The Benefits of Basil Leaves
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Basil is a plant that does not know the season, has erect stems and overgrown by many branches. The height of this plant could reach more than 1 meter, and is a wild plant, but many are cultivated to be taken advantage. Flowers grow basil arranged at the ends of branches, leaves no width approximately 2-3 cm long and can reach 5 cm in egg shape and green color. Aroma leaf glance like clove and bitter if eaten.

Benefits of Basil leaves for Health

Benefits of Basil leaves for Health, basil leaf content found in many countries of Asia and the Americas. In Indonesia, basil widely grown on the estate, yard of the house, in the yard around the house, and others. The origin of the basil plant is not yet clear, but the plant can grow well at a height of 500 meters above sea level.

Utilization of basil to add a culinary delight

Basil is generally used as a spice additional and complementary dishes such as used for vegetables. Basil leaves have a distinctive rich aroma and precisely to increase appetite. Usually served with fried fish, fried chicken, or fried catfish, with hot condiment. taste so ugh...

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The content of basil leaves for health

Basil leaves used as seasoning and vegetables, was rich with a chemical compound that can be beneficial for our bodies to stay healthy. Basil leaves contain many compounds that are good for our bodies as below:
  • beta carotene
  • phosphorus magnesium
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Iron
  • protein
  • Calcium
  • boron
  • anetol
  • flavonoids
  • arginine
  • And vitamins A, B, C

Benefits and efficacy of basil leaves for health

From some of the content of basil are rich in positive chemical compounds and nutrients, is very useful to protect our health. Below are some of the properties of basil leaves for health:

Basil can accelerate blood flow

it is because basil storing magnesium which can help the heart and blood vessels so that blood flowing smoothly.

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Basil can help bone growth

Basil leaves rich of calcium and phosphorus contained in basil may help growth and bone formation. In addition astenol compounds and boron helps increase estrogen hormone action and hormone endrogen, and keep the bones from thinning.

Basil as an antioxidant

Basil leaves that rich with oxidants can lead to dangerous diseases like cancer, cataracts, cholesterol and others. These antioxidants such as flavonoids and eugenol which can suppress the growth of viruses.

Maintain stamina and immune system

Basil leaves contain beta carotene which is able to respond. so with consume basil leaves immune and antibody can be increased. Beta carotene also help the growth process and help repair damaged cells in the body.

In addition to the enjoyment of the taste of basil leaves as a complement to your meal, Basil leaves brings many benefits to maintaining our health. That is of little use and the content of the basil plant may be useful.
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